Ranking of payday loans

There are more and more private companies in the loan market that deal with quick loans. Some disappear, others appear. Every one of them presents a better offer for their new clients, but also for regular ones they prepare interesting loyalty programs. And if the moment comes that we would be tempted for the first time to take advantage of such an offer, it will be very difficult for us to decide on one specific company.

This is what the payday rankings similar to this serve

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Here are a few companies that probably present the most interesting proposals and which have been occupying top positions in loan companies’ rankings for some time. It is also worth reading the statistics on the acceptability of loan applications, which companies reject the least loan applications. Choosing will also help us to clearly and clearly define what we will need, what amount we would like to borrow, and when to pay it back.

Among the offers we can find those that will want to borrow up to 3,000 USD for the first time and even 10,000 USD for subsequent loans. It is also worth at the very beginning to clearly define the goal, and then look for an offer that will meet it. Most loan companies use a marketing ploy, which means that we get the first loan in a given company for free. We give back as much as we borrow. Of course, provided that we repay the borrowed money within the time specified in the contract, otherwise the payday loan may cost us dearly.


What is the repayment period for company loans?

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The period in which it should be paid depends also on the amount of the loan. Entrepreneurs generally use installment loans, which means that they repay a given portion of their debt each month. The installment loan is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs because they can get a high amount of financing in a short time, which they can systematically repay in many smaller amounts that are easier to adjust to the company’s monthly budget. Such loans also have a lower risk of defaulting on debt, which is usually very expensive.

On average, entrepreneurs use loans obtained for 24 installments, i.e. they pay back their liabilities within 2 years. Of course, there are also cases of loans with a much longer repayment period, e.g. 10 years.

Both the amount of the loan that an entrepreneur will grant a given lender and the length of its repayment period are largely due to the creditworthiness of the company. In the case of a loan of USD 10,000 taken for a period of 1 year, the monthly installments will be very high and can be a significant burden on the company’s budget.


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If the entrepreneur decides to pay the same amount over two years, the individual installments will be lower and it will be easier to find funds for them in the monthly budget.

It can therefore be assumed that the longer the repayment period, the more secure the loan is in terms of the company’s financial liquidity, although in total it will be more expensive.

However, it is worth remembering that in case of insufficient creditworthiness of a given company, its owner can always consider extending its repayment period.

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